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Blended families can make for a Tense Graduation Celebration

Are invitations to your son/daughter's graduation ceremony an issue?  At a time when kids really appreciate family relationships, the process of keeping everyone celebratory and not jealous, left-out or hurt can overshadow (or at least cloud up) this very important … Continue reading

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Your Wonder Child…

Being a parent isn’t always easy.  When they are giving us “static” or not performing to our expectations, you might sometimes (?) get a bit cross, frustrated or concerned.  As a reminder of what they were and what they can … Continue reading

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Teenagers think OUTSIDE the Box for Summer Jobs

A great article appeared in USAToday this week–about teens becoming entrepreneurs.  Lots of kids this summer will find themselves competing with adults for jobs.  It looks bleak for them in many areas of the country if they want to work.  But … Continue reading

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Challenging Kids to Think and Express Themselves

How can you challenge your kids but not make them suspicious of your intention?  Kids who have confidence in their communication skills are going to be more willing to express their views.  And, if our upcoming summer "vacation" includes a … Continue reading

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Teachers do MUCH more than just “teach”!!!

OK, a teacher has brought me to tears!!!–tears of admiration and appreciation!  I don't usually include this type of post in the HomeworkSuccessNetwork, but I happened upon a post in a blog for teachers that I think parents should read. … Continue reading

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Lowering dropout rate –success stories in progress

 "The high school dropout rate in the San Diego Unified School District plummeted last year to the point where fewer than 1 student in 10 is giving up on school, according to data released yesterday by the California Department of … Continue reading

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Controversial or Conversational?–a hot topic for discussion

CURRENT EVENTS are the most natural conversational stimulant we parents can use.  You may have noticed, when you try to talk to your kids about general issues they sometimes think you've got an "agenda".  Or, when you talk with them about … Continue reading

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How to Deal With School Fights

    When kids are out-of-sight (at least out of the parent's sight), they have a lot to deal with when other kids start somethin'.  I've been following a very smart lady's publications about Anger & Anger Management…and I think you might … Continue reading

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Celebrate National ‘Prevent Teen Pregnancy’ Day–talk WITH your kid

   Today is the 8th Annual "Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy".  In case you missed it, Matt Lauer (on the Today show) interviewed Bristol Palin, our most famous unwed Teen Mom since last summer.  As it might be a good … Continue reading

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Where does the Student Optimism Go?

With the intention of positioning the USA as a strong world leader , President Obama has repeatedly voiced his concern about our educational systems and his intention to do something about it.  He's stated that we have make some dramatic changes in … Continue reading

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