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Do You Have the Confidence to “Just Say NO”?

What keeps you from "pressing" your kids to do what's good for them?  According to a recent article at Medline Plus CONFIDENCE is key.  It appears that parents who are more self-confident are most likely to implement and enforce changes in … Continue reading

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“Tricks” to get your kids to read…Really!

Getting kids to read more (and to think they thought of it) is a real trickā€¦.a real(ly) sneaky trick!  According to an author at MyExcitingWorld.com  here's three suggestions: 1. The Early Bedtime trick. By establishing an earlier bedtime, they can "stretch" … Continue reading

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A Story-book Story in “Real Life” –“Make Way for Ducklings”

How can we get our kids to read more this summer?…  Make the subject relevant.   This year in Spokane we had a "blessed event"–duck-style.  A mama duck decided to build her nest and prepare for her ducklings on an overhang … Continue reading

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Favorite Books Make Indelible Memories

According to Chris Byrne @ Time To Play Online Magazine : "There is no better habit you can instill in your kids and the kids in your life than reading. It's a source of information, entertainment, a window on new … Continue reading

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A Bubble of Confidence – Preparing For Standardized Testing

John is in the fourth grade, and his school has announced the dates for the end of the year standardized testing. Given that John struggles academically, how should his parents approach this event? A. Hope for the best. B. Pressure … Continue reading

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Cooking up something G-O-O-O-D!

    Most kids love to help in the kitchen.  Here's a great opportunity to encourage a struggling reader to read "important" stuff; cooking demonstrates science and math in a really practical way.   Although it's a tad more work for … Continue reading

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There IS such a thing as “Too Many Books”!

Got books?  Got too many books?  Want more?  This website is great for recycling books you’ve enjoyed but that you’d like to share with others.  On the flip-side, you can browse the listings of other folks who have books to … Continue reading

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ASK THE COACH–Reluctant Reader Requires Really Rapid Reads

Dear Homework Coach,      My 7 year old child is hates reading.  I can’t get him to read anything.  What can I do to get him to practice reading? –Angie ——————————————————————————————— Dear Angie,      Before you can really … Continue reading

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