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Are you and your kids ready for School to start?

Here are some tips to help smooth the transition from summer to school.  All of them apply for all age groups, but you may want to modify the specifics for your child.  For a Good Morning start, get a good … Continue reading

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Too busy to research summer activities for your kids?

Here's a suggestion… Education.com  is a great resource for all things educational!!!  And, this year they have created a FREE challenge you can use "right out of the box".  Keep the learning going this summerTaking a break from school doesn’t … Continue reading

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Good Choices + Positive Parent Feedback = More Courageous Kids

It is often easy to get angry at our kids when they don't do what we think they ought to–  when they don't do their homework, when they resist doing their chores, when they avoid challenging tasks.  It's possible that … Continue reading

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Swine Flu–What can you Do?

    Are your kids afraid of the Swine Flu?  What are you telling them to do to be safe?  According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), THE #1 most effective behavior you and your kids can do is wash … Continue reading

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Decrease Test Anxiety and Increase Self-Esteem

   Do you remember?  What did it feel like when your performance on a test was critical?  What would your parents have done if you didn't do well?  What was your self-perception?…did it depend upon your test score?    According … Continue reading

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Schools turn to Twitter to get news to parents

     How much do you need to know?…and how fast?  According to an article in the   Atlanta Journal-Constitution  this week, more and more schools are signing up on "Twitter" to get real-time info they may need to broadcast about … Continue reading

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Verbal “Hugs & Kisses”–Emphasize your Appreciation.

In my research on the internet, I found a great resource for parents:   The Parenting Resource Center .    Among the many articles about parenting you'll find listed, I thought "Verbal Hugs" by Maryanne Law was particularly valuable as we reach the end … Continue reading

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Let kids be kids, homework can wait until later

      Sometimes I think it's fun to find out what your average everyday parent thinks about school, education and homework.  I came across an article by Karen Cruickshanks written for the Sydney Morning Herald (in Australia).  She seems to … Continue reading

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Did the Teacher’s “Lesson Plan” include this???

And you think you've got troubles!  The latest issue of  NEAtoday lists some pretty funny teachers' most embarrassing moments.  For example: "While standing in front of my second-grade class, a little boy blurted out, 'Mrs. Timberlake, do you know you … Continue reading

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Music to your ears….Music for THEIR minds!

Unfortunately, many schools seem to be reducing (or even eliminating!) music programs. This is just "wrong" on many levels.   Eliminating your school music program –>suggests that music is extracurricular–not really important; –>inhibits some disadvantaged (but talented) students from blossoming and blooming … Continue reading

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