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Looking for a summer “science project”?

When school is out (and I know I'm jumping the gun a little), kids may believe they are taking a vacation from "learning", too.  This notion suggests that learning is boring or  even "homework" to be avoided.  This year, you … Continue reading

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Student responsibility needs to be nurtured

In a recent article in the Las Vegas Sun, Cathy Estes (a teacher in Nevada) asks a really big question–"Whose responsibility is education?"  She goes on to lament, "Some days it seems that our students view responsibility as a burden, … Continue reading

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Measuring Self-Esteem–How does your child measure up?

The authors of "The Triumphant Child suggest: "Self-esteem is the confidence and satisfaction a child has in them-self. In psychology, self-esteem reflects a person's overall self worth. Therefore, the development of a positive self-concept or healthy self-esteem is extremely important to … Continue reading

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Kids Do what they Like to do….and what’s fun for them! Go Figure?

Trying to get kids to be interested in math is a tough sell!  We'd like to think that because they are supposed to study and behave properly in school that they will–it might be wishful thinking.  Perhaps the trick is … Continue reading

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Five Tips To Help Parents Deal with Report Cards

  According to an article at OxfordLearning : "For children and teens, poor report card grades can mean punishment and restrictions on the leisurely summer activities that they’ve been looking forward to. For parents, poor grades are a source of concern … Continue reading

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Is your child being bullied at school?

If your child is being bullied at school, what's a parent to do?  Here's a great site that is full of questions AND ANSWERS from parents who've been-there-done-that.  Check out Parent's Answers at MamaPedia

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Life’s a Stage

This weekend one of my favorite high schools is presenting "The Dining Room"– a drama/comedy about family connections.  St. Georges School in Spokane, WA (my home town) is famous in our area for their high-quality drama department and their amazing … Continue reading

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Dodger and Me–A Book Report

Dodger and Me by Jordan Sonnenblick Dodger and Me is about Willie Ryan.  You see, Willie is not the most popular kid in 5th grade.  In fact, he might even be the least popular.  His baseball team calls him Wimpy, … Continue reading

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Got issues?–Read a b’zillion articles by b’zillion authors for the answers

OK…maybe not a "b’zillion".  How often do you find yourself surfing the net to find out the answers to your questions?  Once you’re on a search, it is easy to get distracted onto other "tributaries" that take you away from … Continue reading

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Is Virtual learning “fer Real”?

Did you ever wonder if your child could benefit from "virtual learning"?  Or does he or she need an on-site, in-person learning environment?  Spokane Schools has an assessment tool that you might find useful to determine if your child has … Continue reading

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