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Takes or Mis-takes–the art of successful Test Taking

  "Stop making Stupid Mistakes" by Richard Rusczyk is just one of the articles available at www.ArtofProblemSolving.com . He suggests techniques that seem obvious, but not using them often gets students in trouble.  Even if a student knows how to do the math … Continue reading

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Student responsibility needs to be nurtured

In a recent article in the Las Vegas Sun, Cathy Estes (a teacher in Nevada) asks a really big question–"Whose responsibility is education?"  She goes on to lament, "Some days it seems that our students view responsibility as a burden, … Continue reading

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A Bubble of Confidence – Preparing For Standardized Testing

John is in the fourth grade, and his school has announced the dates for the end of the year standardized testing. Given that John struggles academically, how should his parents approach this event? A. Hope for the best. B. Pressure … Continue reading

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Practice makes Perfect…or Not?

You know it–it’s on the tip of your tongue.  But you can’t quite get it out of your mouth.   This experience actually has a name: the "tip-of-tongue" phenomenon.  According to a recent issue of the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology … Continue reading

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