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Who’s Who in Your Family “Zoo”?

 Every individual person in every family has a unique combination of skills, aptitudes and interests.  And, in case you hadn't noticed, some of us are better than others at certain tasks.  Some kids understand math easier than others; some kids are … Continue reading

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If Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,
what’s a frustrated parent to do???

Katie Couric (on CBS) recently reminded us that sugary cereals are a real problem for many children.    And, since kids want sugary cereals, parents have to take charge….Sure!   Check out Katie's video article below–       < Watch CBS … Continue reading

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Hassle-Free Homework? Is it possible???

According to an article by Barbara Minton in at  Natural News.com  it is.  She proposes that parents can benefit (and so can kids) by returning the responsibility of homework back to the actual person who is affected–the kid!  It might seem counter-intuitive to … Continue reading

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Sizzle, Sizzle….my Kid’s Having a Homework Meltdown!

Homework can be pretty daunting sometimes.  But Dr. Yvonne Fournier has an insight that I think is really valuable–it's about time.   I don't mean "finally, we've got an answer".  Nope, it actually IS about tick-tock "TIME".   According to Dr. Fournier, … Continue reading

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“Just the Facts, M’am!”
–Oh, and some tips and suggestions, too!

  Just in time for the new school year, check out the latest issue of the Homework Success News.  This issue offers ideas about how to make this year's Back-to-School transition the best ever, links to info about back pack … Continue reading

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Promoting Confidence–an important role for the Parents of Struggling Students

"No child I have ever met has gotten up in the morning and said to him or herself, 'I think I'll work hard at disappointing my parents, ignoring my teachers and just goof off today'," says Debi Nason, center director … Continue reading

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Are you and your kids ready for School to start?

Here are some tips to help smooth the transition from summer to school.  All of them apply for all age groups, but you may want to modify the specifics for your child.  For a Good Morning start, get a good … Continue reading

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How good are you at saying “No”?

After a summer-time of saying "Yes" and "Maybe", can you get back in the groove of being the parent that sometimes has to say "NO"?  Getting ready to start back-to-school, kids often need to return to a regular schedule and … Continue reading

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Blended families can make for a Tense Graduation Celebration

Are invitations to your son/daughter's graduation ceremony an issue?  At a time when kids really appreciate family relationships, the process of keeping everyone celebratory and not jealous, left-out or hurt can overshadow (or at least cloud up) this very important … Continue reading

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Teachers do MUCH more than just “teach”!!!

OK, a teacher has brought me to tears!!!–tears of admiration and appreciation!  I don't usually include this type of post in the HomeworkSuccessNetwork, but I happened upon a post in a blog for teachers that I think parents should read. … Continue reading

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