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Preparing For Standardized Testing

According to a real expert (a mom/educator) at http://www.goaskmom.com, no matter about your viewpoint about standardized tests, if you've got kids in school "Your child will soon face the rigors of the dreaded end of year exam. Like it or not, the … Continue reading

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Where does the Student Optimism Go?

With the intention of positioning the USA as a strong world leader , President Obama has repeatedly voiced his concern about our educational systems and his intention to do something about it.  He's stated that we have make some dramatic changes in … Continue reading

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Decrease Test Anxiety and Increase Self-Esteem

   Do you remember?  What did it feel like when your performance on a test was critical?  What would your parents have done if you didn't do well?  What was your self-perception?…did it depend upon your test score?    According … Continue reading

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Let kids be kids, homework can wait until later

      Sometimes I think it's fun to find out what your average everyday parent thinks about school, education and homework.  I came across an article by Karen Cruickshanks written for the Sydney Morning Herald (in Australia).  She seems to … Continue reading

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Family involvement: what does the research say?

The Harvard Family Research Project took a long and hard look at the effects of "Family Involvement" and education.  According to an post by Mark Parkinson that summarizes the report: "Cumulative evidence from several decades of research points to several benefits of … Continue reading

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Looking for a summer “science project”?

When school is out (and I know I'm jumping the gun a little), kids may believe they are taking a vacation from "learning", too.  This notion suggests that learning is boring or  even "homework" to be avoided.  This year, you … Continue reading

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A Bubble of Confidence – Preparing For Standardized Testing

John is in the fourth grade, and his school has announced the dates for the end of the year standardized testing. Given that John struggles academically, how should his parents approach this event? A. Hope for the best. B. Pressure … Continue reading

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About “The Homework Coach”

Hi,  I’m Judy Armes, MS       As a Student, a Wife, a Mom, a Grandma, a Foster Parent, an Aunt, a Sister and a serious observer of human nature, I’ve been  involved in education and relationships all my life. My First Career—Always interested … Continue reading

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Measuring Self-Esteem–How does your child measure up?

The authors of "The Triumphant Child suggest: "Self-esteem is the confidence and satisfaction a child has in them-self. In psychology, self-esteem reflects a person's overall self worth. Therefore, the development of a positive self-concept or healthy self-esteem is extremely important to … Continue reading

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A kitchen timer cures homework fights

This may be a low-tech procedure…but sometimes with littler kids the kitchen timer has more authority than mom's nagging.  Susan Kennedy Wynne provides some useful hints about how to use the kitchen timer (instead of "the whip") to encourage young … Continue reading

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