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Got Two (2) Minutes?…and a pencil?

Kids often get the notion in the summer that it's all "play" (partly because we call it "summer vacation", suggesting a break from learning).  However, here's a little idea that takes only two minutes a day and gets great results…if … Continue reading

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Too busy to research summer activities for your kids?

Here's a suggestion… Education.com  is a great resource for all things educational!!!  And, this year they have created a FREE challenge you can use "right out of the box".  Keep the learning going this summerTaking a break from school doesn’t … Continue reading

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Challenging Kids to Think and Express Themselves

How can you challenge your kids but not make them suspicious of your intention?  Kids who have confidence in their communication skills are going to be more willing to express their views.  And, if our upcoming summer "vacation" includes a … Continue reading

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Looking for a summer “science project”?

When school is out (and I know I'm jumping the gun a little), kids may believe they are taking a vacation from "learning", too.  This notion suggests that learning is boring or  even "homework" to be avoided.  This year, you … Continue reading

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Summertime…A vacation from thinking and learning????

Kids often perceive Summertime Break as a break from learning.  Somehow they seem to think that learning is a thing they need a vacation from.  And, as busy parents, we don’t always take advantage of all the teaching opportunities we … Continue reading

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