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Did the Teacher’s “Lesson Plan” include this???

And you think you've got troubles!  The latest issue of  NEAtoday lists some pretty funny teachers' most embarrassing moments.  For example: "While standing in front of my second-grade class, a little boy blurted out, 'Mrs. Timberlake, do you know you … Continue reading

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Homework vs. home study

"Homework for many students and parents is a chore to be completed as quickly as possible so that life can resume", so says Colin MacKay in an article in "The Intelligencer".  Somehow I think that many kids have developed a … Continue reading

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Practice makes Perfect…or Not?

You know it–it’s on the tip of your tongue.  But you can’t quite get it out of your mouth.   This experience actually has a name: the "tip-of-tongue" phenomenon.  According to a recent issue of the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology … Continue reading

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