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Promoting Confidence–an important role for the Parents of Struggling Students

"No child I have ever met has gotten up in the morning and said to him or herself, 'I think I'll work hard at disappointing my parents, ignoring my teachers and just goof off today'," says Debi Nason, center director … Continue reading

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Teachers do MUCH more than just “teach”!!!

OK, a teacher has brought me to tears!!!–tears of admiration and appreciation!  I don't usually include this type of post in the HomeworkSuccessNetwork, but I happened upon a post in a blog for teachers that I think parents should read. … Continue reading

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Lowering dropout rate –success stories in progress

 "The high school dropout rate in the San Diego Unified School District plummeted last year to the point where fewer than 1 student in 10 is giving up on school, according to data released yesterday by the California Department of … Continue reading

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Schools turn to Twitter to get news to parents

     How much do you need to know?…and how fast?  According to an article in the   Atlanta Journal-Constitution  this week, more and more schools are signing up on "Twitter" to get real-time info they may need to broadcast about … Continue reading

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Did the Teacher’s “Lesson Plan” include this???

And you think you've got troubles!  The latest issue of  NEAtoday lists some pretty funny teachers' most embarrassing moments.  For example: "While standing in front of my second-grade class, a little boy blurted out, 'Mrs. Timberlake, do you know you … Continue reading

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A Teacher’s “Rant”…Help!!!

Following is a post I found on a teacher’s blog.  She teaches in a high school…and I think you can "feel her pain".  As frustrated as parents get with their children who don’t take school seriously, imagine how difficult is … Continue reading

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“Yadda Yadda Yadda”….Stimulate your child’s Verbal Skills

According to a recent report on ABC News, studies are suggesting (OK, downright screaming loud and clear!) that talking with your little kids make all the difference in the success they’ll have in school.  Kids who’s developing minds are stimulated … Continue reading

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